Stay Up-to-Date on Routine Maintenance by Following your Subaru's Unique Service Schedule

It's the small, inexpensive repairs and services that add up to big savings with your Subaru. Forgo an oil change or take a road trip with low fluid levels and you could be looking at more costly repairs than necessary. Staying up-to-date on routine maintenance is critical to the safety and lifespan of your vehicle -- not to mention your budget. However, it's important to know that the recommended Subaru maintenance schedule is different for every vehicle, depending on your Subaru's unique equipment, as well as the severity of driving conditions.

You can get a good idea of when to take you Subaru in for service by using the schedule-lookup tool on this page. Simply enter your vehicle's VIN number (or year, model, and trim) to pull up the recommended maintenance schedule for parts replacement and system inspections. Find out how often you should invest in tire rotations or oil and filter changes.

But keep in mind that if drive only short distances, in frigid temperatures, on heavily salted roads, or with repeated trailer towing and your Subaru might need to be serviced more often than average. Please feel free to reach out to our service advisors at 888-641-2054 for a personalized look at your Subaru's maintenance needs.

Secure your Spot in our Shop with our Secure Scheduling System

Don Miller Subaru West is proud to provide professional auto repair in Madison, offering vital manufacturer resources for Subaru drivers all over the Middleton, Fitchburg and Verona, WI area. You can easily schedule service by logging onto our website and accessing our customer portal. Both new and returning customers can use this system to secure a spot in our shop! All you need is some basic information about your vehicle, the services it requires, and your contact information. It's accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you can always give us a call during regular business hours for more information.

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