It would be quite the understatement to say that the last few months have been tough. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a significant challenge for people in the Madison area and across the country. The virus quickly ramped up in America, forcing many businesses to cease operations and furlough or layoff a large number of employees. Food insecurity, already a problem before the pandemic arrived, became an even greater concern as families were forced to shelter in place, and access to food became even more difficult.

Subaru of America has long dedicated itself to supporting local communities through its Love Promise program. Now, the automaker is expanding that promise with the Subaru Loves to Help program. Through this initiative, Subaru is helping to provide 50 million meals to Feeding America, the country's largest hunger-relief organization. Through the partnership, Subaru, its independent distributors, and its network of 633 retailers will work together to provide ongoing support to Feed America's nationwide network of 200 food banks.

“In these trying times, we all search for stability in our daily lives,” said Thomas J. Doll, President and CEO, Subaru of America. “We hope that through this donation to Feeding America, we can provide the comfort and stability of a meal for people who struggle with hunger in America. We must all stay safe but remember to help others where we can.”

Through these actions, Subaru continues to demonstrate its dedication to being more than a car company for the local communities in which it serves.

If you'd like to contribute, you can Join Subaru and Feeding America by clicking here.

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