Personalize Your Subaru with a Badge of Ownership

The love of a Subaru runs deep. You can feel it in your blood. Your Subaru has taken you to places you previously had only dreamed about. Now you have the opportunity to show your Subaru how much it means to you with Subaru's Badge of Ownership. There is no better way to give your Subaru its own personality than owner-specific badging from Don Miller Subaru West in Madison, WI.

Is camping part of your lifestyle? Do you use your Subaru to get to football or baseball practice? Are you a survivor? Are you proud of your black belt? There is a badge to tell your story. We at Don Miller Subaru West love our four-legged companions. We know you do, too. So why not tell drivers in your Fitchburg or Middleton community know with a badge for your Subaru?

The process is easy. Simply let us know how many Subaru models you have owned in your lifetime, as your loyalty number. Then select from the 53 lifestyle icons, from antiquing to snow sports and everything in between. Order your badge and apply you special badge to your beloved Subaru.

A badge for your Subaru does more than just reflect your personality. It tells everyone you come in contact with From Madison to Verona, what your Subaru means to you. It isn't just your preferred mode of transportation. It carries you to your marathon, your trips to the dog park, your favorite hiking spot, and other destinations on your itinerary. It just makes sense you should let your friends and neighbors know what you hold dear.

What do you want your Subaru to say about you? Ask Don Miller Subaru West about the badge of ownership and where to find your perfect badge. Find the badge you love and let your Subaru tell your story.

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