Drivers from all over Fitchburg recognize the Subaru WRX instantly with its one a kind style and unique roar of the BOXER engine. Each year Subaru continues to push the WRX to new heights and there are now three amazing Subaru performance cars to choose from.

The Subaru WRX and WRX STI are unlike any other sports cars on the road and deliver exceptional performance with a high-performance BOXER engine under the hood and standard Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. The Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive is a key feature of the WRX and STI performance and gives Middleton drivers a commanding grip on the road at all times as well as thrilling performance on a backcountry road to kick up the dirt. The WRX and STI both have turbocharged BOXER engines that generate either 268 or 310 horsepower.

Dreams are coming true for Subaru performance enthusiasts and the Subaru STI S209 is finally making its way to America. The S209 boasts a 341 horsepower turbocharged BOXER engine under the hood that is capable of going from zero-to-60 in just 5 seconds. The specially optimized intake, exhaust, and drivetrain to improve mid-range response and acceleration. Under the iconic hood scoop, the intercooler with water-spray system will drop the engine temp for a burst of on-demand power. The Subaru STI engineers have made extensive changes to the suspension to improve cornering grip, turn-in, and handling with STI-tuned Bilstein® dampers, STI-designed front and rear draw stiffeners, a flexible STI tower bar, and pillow-ball suspension bushings all for remarkable handling and stability.

Here at Don Miller Subaru West, we have several WRX models in stock for Madison, WI drivers to come experience from the driver's seat. The Subaru S209 is making its way to America and if you are interested in the most powerful and best-handling Subaru STI model ever speak with a member of our team for more information about how to get your hands on one.