Subaru Explorers the Future in the Viziv Concept Car

Subaru has established itself as one of the most trusted brands on the auto market. It does this, in no small part, by delivering reliable vehicles that are affordable, comfortable, and capable.

There's more to Subaru's success than just dependability, though. The automaker's engineers also keep their eye on the future and finding new ways for Subaru to stand at its forefront.

A Look at the Subaru Viziv Concept Car

Subaru gave consumers a look at what the future might hold recently at NY International Auto Show. The automaker used the annual event as an opportune to show off its Viziv concept car. Designed to showcase the best of what the Subaru brand has to offer, the Subaru Viziv provides a chassis built to provide top-class collision safety, maneuverable performance, and impressive interior space.

The Subaru Viziv also showed off advances that Subaru aims to integrate into its commercial cars. These include its every evolving EyeSight safety system and a downsized turbocharged engine that can provide impressive performance outputs with a lower fuel cost.

Learn More About the Subaru Viziv Today

Would you be interested in learning more about the Subaru Viziv and what its advances might mean for the future of the Subaru lineup? Drop us a line at Don Miller Subaru West. Our friendly team of Subaru experts would be happy to tell you more about everything we have to offer.

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