Subaru is the Unofficial Car of Rugged Cold-Weather States for Good Reason

Vermont and New Hampshire all-terrain enthusiasts love it. It’s the favorite for weathering the weather in Maine and Massachusetts. Even seasoned Washington and Oregon travelers prefer it for the off-grid. And American auto enthusiast magazine Road and Track agrees: Subaru is the "safe, fuel-efficient, family-friendly, and all-weather capable” choice, beloved for its practicality from New England to the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

It’s come a long way in its rise to stardom, too, from a 1950s microcar catching the attention of American businesspeople Malcolm Bricklin and Harvey Lamm in the 1960s to the founding of Subaru of America shortly after that. Come 1971 through 1973, to as early as model-year 1974, the brand began to gain momentum in the space efficiency and fuel economy metrics, and, with the advent of four-wheel drive in its sedans and station wagons, previously a feature only found in trucks, its American counterpart became even more popular, long before the SUV was even conceived. Subaru caught on in the rural and suburban market, the US Olympic Ski Team made its station wagon its “official vehicle,” domestic vehicle sales shot up to more than 140,000, and history was made.

But you can perhaps best see as early as 1995 what has kept ours the go-to car and SUV line for off-road travelers of all stripes: all-wheel drive, now called "Subaru Symmetrical.” It brings into the mix a horizontally opposed SUBARU BOXER engine, which delivers power linearly to all four wheels at once, ensuring reliable traction and control as well as providing improved fuel economy. But Subaru Symmetrical AWD isn’t just any four-wheel drive system. It's permanent, meaning a firm grip on which you can rely at all times, both on the road and off the beaten path. Plus, it contains fewer moving parts -- balance is essentially "built into" the durable Subaru platform. This structure lessens the need for maintenance, as it means fewer mechanical problems.

Today, Subaru is a success story, from its BRZ and WRX sports car lineup to the Impreza hatchback, Legacy four-door, and Crosstrek, Forester, and Outback SUVs. But don't take the word of the eighth-largest-selling automotive brand in our Fifty States for it. Stop by for a visit here at Don Miller Subaru West, 5822 Odana Road in Madison, WI, and check out your favorite model for yourself. We'll be delighted to take you on a test-drive to show you just what we mean.

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