Everyone Loves Subaru's, Even The Bears!

There is a growing number of drivers in the Madison area getting behind the wheel of a new Subaru. And with long-lasting and reliable quality it isn’t hard to see why so many drivers love their Subaru's. But people aren't the only ones who love Subaru's. Recently a County Sheriff near Lake Tahoe was called to a parking lot because a bear was trapped in an SUV and it just happened to be a Subaru Outback.

But this isn't the first time that a Subaru has been the popular hangout for bears. Bears often break into cars and in an unspecified area of Colorado, it was estimated two to three bears get stuck in cars each week. ALL of which happen to be Subarus. Bears can open unlocked door handles if they smell food inside the vehicle and are hungry.

But why do bears seem to be targeting Subaru's above all other vehicles? The theories range from a larger number of Subaru SUV in areas populated with bears to bears simply like Subarus more than other makes and models.

So if you are heading out of a weekend adventure be sure to lock your doors and don't keep open food containers laying out to prevent bears from getting into your Subaru.

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